Knowledge Management during COVID-19

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During this time of social distancing, quarantine, and working from home. A simple question must be asked. Was your company or business ready to do work outside of the business space? Or did you have to rush to find possible ways to have your workforce able to work from home? Did you have to layoff or fire employees just because your company could not adjust to these times?

There will be some businesses no matter how well they plan for something like this they will have to close up shop (at least temporarily) due to not being an emergency essential type of business. So the next question is what can you do during this time?

One of the many activities I have been doing is some Personal Knowledge Management in terms of how I organize and maintain information on my home system (the same can be done with your organization artifacts as well). I call it my digital spring cleaning. This is where I take a hard look at the artifacts, images, documents, etc. to see what is stuff that I have collected over the past few years. Of course, I retired from the military in February 2019 and I still have pay stubs from 2000 and certificates from 1998.

Some of the information I will keep and put in an archived state (pay stubs, official awards, and recognitions, tax records) and other stuff (bill statements, irrelevant articles, random pdf’s from places I have visited) will be disposed. Other artifacts I will transform what their current media (Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoints (if I had a dime for every PowerPoint I made in the military I could retire a very comfortable lifestyle)) and change them to pdf’s or in some cases in custom lists in SharePoint in order to me to track trends on particular information.

One of the other things I have been doing on my own information is developing a naming convention that I can stick with so that I can pile and metatag my artifacts without building out folders in my portal site.

If you have any questions on how to do this on your local portal, page or even hard drive please feel free to contact me at

Global Survey of Knowledge Management


Invitation to take part in the KnocoAustin 2020 global survey of knowledge management

Take part in our 2020 survey of Knowledge Management, and we will give you a free copy of the reports from the previous surveys, as well as sending you the results from the 2020 survey when these are prepared.

The survey closes at the beginning of May

In 2014, and again in 2017, we organised one of the most comprehensive surveys of global knowledge management ever devised. The results were fascinating, with input from over 700 KM professionals worldwide. The survey reports give insights about the maturity of KM by region and sector, the size and composition of KM teams, the value delivered by KM, the technologies, processes and governance processes applied, and details of communities of practice, lesson learned systems and best practice approaches. They also identify trends and changes over the three year period.

This year we are running the survey again, to see what has changed in KM over the last 6 years. Anyone who takes part will be rewarded (on the final page) with a link to a free copy of the 2014/2017 results, as well as being sent a set of 2020 results when the survey closes.

If you can answer on behalf of an organisation that does KM, or has done KM, or plans to introduce KM, then please follow this link and take the survey.

Bear in mind that the comprehensive nature of the survey means it may take up to an hour to complete, but this also means the results are equally comprehensive and rich, so your time is well worth investing. The final page of the survey contains a link to the 2014/2017 report.

If you really want a copy of the reports from the previous surveys but cannot answer on behalf of an organisation, then please order a copy from our website rather than putting made-up answers into the survey (Seriously, it does happen!)

Decision-making at a Four-Star Command

This is a presentation Mr. Cannon gave at the KM Showcase 2020. The video from the KM Showcase 2020 will be posted once it gets released from KM Institute

KM Showcase 2020

“I’m speaking at the upcoming KM Showcase conference in Arlington, VA on March 4-5 and hope to see you there. To register, go to: #kmshowcase2020 #knowledgemanagement

milSuite: Favorite Blog 2019

On 26 November 2019, I was awarded in the Best of milSuite (an online community of interest for the Department of Defense) the award for Favorite Blog. One blog, in particular, stands out, “KM Related Videos”. In this blog, I curated 20 videos explaining Knowledge Management. Here is the acceptance video. I would like to also thank the Army Futures Command Communications Directorate for making the video. 

Below are the videos that I placed in one location to make this as a reference for Department of Defense Knowledge Managers or others who are curious on what is Knowledge Management.

• 87 Seconds explaination of Knowledge Management: Knowledge Management in 87 Seconds – YouTube

• SES Robert Naething: Naething Aug 2012 – YouTube

• GEN (R) Stanley McChrystal: Stanley McChrystal: The military case for sharing knowledge – YouTube

• GEN Dempsey: Gen Dempseys remarks for the Army Operational Knowledge Management Conference – YouTube

• LTG Perkins: LTG Perkins – Understanding Mission Command – YouTube

• Mr. David Grady: David Grady: How to save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings – YouTube

• Mr. David Grady: David Grady: The Conference Call – YouTube

• Conference Call in Real Life: A Conference Call in Real Life – YouTube

• Mr. David Phillips: How to avoid death By PowerPoint | David JP Phillips | TEDxStockholmSalon – YouTube

• COL O’Donnell (COL O’Donnell speaks to the KMQC class) (this is in 5 parts only available on milSuite):

• Mr. Mortensen (IMCOM HQ KM Senior Leader Workshop 08 Jul 14) (2 parts only available on milSuite)

• Mr. Cory L. (Yoda) Cannon (2018 Midwest KM Symposium 10 Aug 18):

• USACE Knowledge Management Introduction (available only on milSuite):

• Don McMillan: Life After Death by PowerPoint:

• Eric Tsui: Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business (Hong Kong Poly University)