Notary Services

What You Need To Have With You

The individual signing the document must appear in person and present a valid picture ID such as: Government ID • Driver’s License • Passport • Military ID

It’s important to have all your documents and identification ready for the notary. If you don’t have an ID, for example, the Driver’s licenses for your parent living in a retirement home, call us and we can prepare a credible witness form before we arrive.

See the list of forms that can be notarized and forms that cannot be Notarized. Also, note that a copy of a passport cannot be notarized as a True Copy of the document in the state of Texas, However, we can notarize Your sworn statement that it is a copy of your passport.

Don’t remove the staple from the document! If the staple is removed you run the risk of a third party refusing to accept the document as it may appear that the document has been tampered with.


There is a travel fee and $.58 per mile round trip, for notary services from 9 am until 6 pm.

If after 6 pm and before 9 am, there is a $10 travel fee and $.58 per mile round trip. We can meet you practically anywhere for an after-hours or emergency notary public signing.

The State of Texas has set maximums for notary fees based upon the type of document that is being notarized these can be found in Texas Code 406.U24 below are the current rates. These are the rates that will be assessed at the time of notarizing.

Acknowledgements$6 for first signature

$1 for each additional signature or same document
Jurats$6 per certificate, including oath or affirmation
Certified Copies$6per certificate
Certified Copies of Notarial Records$0.50 per page
Protests$4 for each bill or note

$1 for per notice served

$4 for certificate and seal
Depositions$6 for certificate and oath

$0.50 per 100 words
All other Notarial Acts$6