"At KnocoUSA, our mission is to empower organizations across the United States with superior Knowledge Management solutions, fostering a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and strategic advantage. We are dedicated to transforming data into actionable knowledge, driving organizational success through customized, cutting-edge strategies and tools. By cultivating strong partnerships and leveraging the global expertise of Knoco Ltd., we commit to elevating our clients' operational efficiency, adaptability, and competitiveness. KnocoUSA envisions a future where knowledge is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of organizational decision-making, enabling our clients to achieve and surpass their goals in an ever-evolving world."


What is Knowledge Management (KM)

Knowledge Management is a discipline focused on integrating people and processes enabled by tools throughout the information lifecycle in order to create shared understanding and increase organizational performance and decision-making.

Knowledge Management Training

KnocoUSA offers a range of Knowledge Management Training, for small or large groups, suiting every level of need.

We can raise the level of Awareness among your senior managers, we can provide a Primer Course for a Knowledge Management team or members of a Knowledge Management community, or we can provide a Masterclass for your Knowledge Management practitioners. We can even tailor a complete start-week for your Knowledge Management program, where we deliver a mix of training, coaching, consultancy, and workshops to develop your KM skills, KM strategy, and KM framework.

KnocoUSA provides Knowledge Management Training for all stages of the Knowledge Management journey, including awareness sessions and introductory workshops for the early stages of knowledge management, skills development programs for your Knowledge Management implementation team, or roll-out training for the later stages of Knowledge Management Implementation.

If you have any specific Knowledge Management Training need, such as training for community of practice leaders, training in Lesson’s identification and capture for your facilitators, or for building the skills of Knowledge retention, we either have a course already prepared, or we can put one together for you. If you are looking to demonstrate the value of Knowledge Management, our Bird Island Workshop is just the thing for you.

Contact us for example agendas.

Strategic Services

A good Knowledge Management strategy is vital to the success of any knowledge management initiative, and should be one of the early steps in your KM program. We can help you build a Knowledge Management strategy, crafted to your context, which really works.

Knowledge Management Strategy Purpose

Implementing Knowledge Management should be done in the context of an agreed strategy. The strategy ensures that the Knowledge Management implementation proceeds in a way that is aligned with the current business approaches, is targeted on the right problems, and is coordinated with other existing change initiatives.

Knowledge Management Strategy Method

The Knowledge Management strategy is developed in either

  1. in a two to three-day workshop, where we work with your Knowledge Management team and other key stakeholders to address the key strategic elements of Knowledge Management implementation, or
  2. through a series of strategic interviews with your senior managers.

The workshop will ideally be informed by the results of a Knowledge Management Assessment and Benchmarking exercise, and by input from management on current business strategies and other parallel initiatives. The strategy document is presented to, and discussed with, senior management, before sign-off.

The document will cover elements such as

  • Vision
  • Scope
  • Business drivers
  • Value proposition
  • Critical knowledge areas
  • Change and stakeholder management
  • Pilots

Knowledge Management Strategy Benefits

The benefits of a good KM Strategy come in a more effective, and lower risk, implementation program. The strategy we create with you will incorporate the lessons from very many successful Knowledge Management programs, and some less successful, thereby increasing your own chance of success.

As part of our “starter services” package we also offer a one-day Knowledge Management Strategy workshop and a survey-led Knowledge Management Strategy, as low cost alternatives for small organizations, and for KM teams with limited budgets.

Innovation Services

One of the more surprising results from studies is that Innovation is a Process. The most Innovative companies do not just hire smart people and wait for inspiration to strike, they carefully select balanced diverse teams, and use a structured process to drive innovative and “out of the box” thinking.

We call this process “Deep-Dive” – based on the principles of Business Driven Action Learning.


The purpose of Innovation processes is to allow clean and unfettered thinking about a major problem or issue – something where the business is “stuck”. Applying structured out-of-the-box creative thinking allows novel and innovative solutions to be developed.


The Deep Dive process can be held at either a small scale (three meetings) or a large scale (three to six months) depending on the scale of the problem to be solved. At either scale, the process follows the same steps –

  • – Problem selection
  • – Team selection and team formation
  • – Problem investigation
  • – Problem definition
  • – Idea gathering
  • – Solution creation
  • – Planning and acceptance winning.


The Deep Dive process provides a vital framework for creative and innovative thinking in pursuit of breakthrough performance but rooted in a thorough understanding of the problem, combined with structured learning from nonconventional sources.


Community Launch.

We help you get your Communities of Practice off to a flying start, by facilitating a one-day or (ideally) two-day launch program. This will be a mixture of introducing the structure and theory of the Community of Practice, and Community of Practice discussions around key topics.

Community Maturity Assessment.

We check and track the health of your Communities of Practice, through applying a ten-component maturity assessment framework. This Community maturity assessment not only gives you a benchmark to measure development against but also identified those factors that need the most attention.

Training for Community Leaders and Facilitators.

We can train your Community leaders and facilitators in the effective operation of Communities of Practice, and how they deliver value to the business, through a combination of theory, case studies, and exercises working on your own Community of Practice issues.

Coaching for Community Leaders and Facilitators


We can coach your Community leaders and facilitators in building and sustaining their Communities of Practice. Community leadership is a demanding task, and we offer to support the Community Leaders either through regular coaching visits or through remote coaching through email and skype.


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