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Success Talk with Steven Paul

Mr. Cannon was recently on The Leadership Exposé Podcast: Success Talk with Steven Paul |Episode 42: Cory Cannon: Designing and Implementing Knowledge and Innovation Management with Purpose In this episode Steven PAUL, CDir FIoD ( speaks with Cory Cannon, CKM Cannon, (Major Retired US Army Reserve), working as the Command Knowledge Leader at United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command, […]


A Path to Wisdom Redefined

I have been going some academic research on Knowledge and Innovation Management and how it interlinks to decision-making at a strategic level. Looking at the “DIKW Hiearchy or Pyramid” as presented by Rowley 2007. It starts with Data and goes to Information then Knowledge and at the top is Wisdom. Going through this model there […]


How valid is your knowledge?

My friend Nick Milton from Knoco wrote this the other day on his blog. I think it has some great lessons that can be applied to the military community. ——- Knowledge stores need to determine the various validity levels of the knowledge they contain. Knowledge comes in different levels of trust, and you need to […]


International Institute of Knowledge and Innovation Knowledge Preservation Library

Dr. Franc Calabrese, one of the founders of the International Institute of Knowledge and Innovation (IIKI) at George Washington University as well as a visiting professor at Bangkok University. His passing in 2020 left the KM community with a very large experiance gap that Dr. Calabrese held for many year. I was fortuniate enough to […]


Importance of a KM Strategy

Earlier in 2021 I presented to US CYBER COMMAND via Teams on why organizations should have a Knowledge Management Strategy. This KM Strategy should be centered on the organization’s mission and vision then branch out to the strategic objectives (3-5 years). The KM Strategy is that roadmap the organization can use to go from a […]


100 KM Coffees with Rebecca Danicic

I was on LinkedIn and noticed an interesting group called 100 KM Coffees. I requested to join the group to see what type of digital water cooler it was and was glad I joined. The creator Rebecca Danicic created the group for KM Professionals and KM job seekers to showcase diverse applications of KM in various contexts, and […]


Cannon-Lear Enterprises 2020 year in review and looking at 2021

It has almost been a year since Cannon-Lear Enterprises has been created in the Great State of Texas. We have accomplished a lot in that period of time even with the COVID-19 pandemic going on. After getting recognized by the Texas Secretary of State for the LLC we moved forward to becoming an official vendor […]


Knowledge Management vs an Information Management System

There is a belief out there in industry and in the Department of Defense that if I have SharePoint or some other system (KMS or Information Management System) that they are doing Knowledge Management. Or the person that is doing their portal site is the Knowledge Manager for their organization. That may or may not […]


Interview with Aurélien Vasinis with Brainsfeed

I had a great time talking Knowledge Management with Aurélien Vasinis, CEO of Brainsfeed. To hear some perspective on pay walls, the academic side of Knowledge Management, and Knowledge Management within the U. S. Department of Defense In this interview, Aurelien and I discuss why this pandemic is the perfect time for Knowledge managers to […]


Knowledge Management with your family

Over this Covid-19 pandemic, I have been looking forward to being able to make those business to business networking connections again and gain more clients. One of the most important thing I have learned from this experience is how Knowledge Management can be done with your family.

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