Taking Time to Deliver Value

When I talk to executives who are looking to introduce KM into their company or organization, most of the time they seem to be looking for someone to take over a particular collaborative tool. They are often perplexed when I explain in depth about what tru for their organization. e Knowledge Management can do I explain they should be not only looking at the tools that they use but also how the organization is put together and if there are functions or personnel that need to change their scope of work or what processes they are using to complete a task. Time and understanding are the biggest gains by conducting Knowledge Management operations within the company. The monetary value will come later, but start by having a clear common vision where your entire w orkforce can contribute ideas and are involved with the process of making their jobs better. This will make the entire business run more effectively, and deliver the value. We found through our survey that organisations de only saw relatively minor value livery in the first year of KM, but organisations who had been doing KM for 4, 8 and 16 years reported average value delivery of $3m, $25m and $280m respectively.

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