Cannon-Lear Enterprises 2020 year in review and looking at 2021

It has almost been a year since Cannon-Lear Enterprises has been created in the Great State of Texas. We have accomplished a lot in that period of time even with the COVID-19 pandemic going on.

After getting recognized by the Texas Secretary of State for the LLC we moved forward to becoming an official vendor for contract work for the U.S. Government through and was verified by the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

We have answered 10 Request for Proposal (RFP) with various government agencies as Prime. We did not win any of them but learned how to write better proposals. We are now in conversations with a couple of organizations who won the contracts to see if we can be subs on the contract.

Jessica Cannon-Lear received her Mediation Certification through the State of Texas and has been doing some great work with her clients.

What is coming up in 2021 for Cannon-Lear Enterprises.

First, we have just been certified through the Texas Veterans Commission as a Veteran-Owned Business. Second of all we are in the middle of restructuring our services and to where will become a Series LLC in Texas. There will be some changes to our website and what we are are offering and how we are offering them.

  • Cannon-Lear Enterprises will be the main company and will serve as the vehicle for contacting any of the services we offer to include government contracts.
  • The Knowledge Management, Mediation and Innovation Management Services will be rebranded as Cannon Knowledge Services and will still be affiliated with Knoco Ltd.
  • A Time to Remember ( will be focused on party planning, event planning (including birthdays and weddings), and photography services.
  • The Cannon Bean ( will return in a brick and mortar store soon but we have already contracted with a roaster to start selling our roasts online along with our merchandise.

By doing this restructure Cannon-Lear Enterprises will go forward focused on providing the best quality of services for our customers.

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