International Institute of Knowledge and Innovation Knowledge Preservation Library

Dr. Franc Calabrese, one of the founders of the International Institute of Knowledge and Innovation (IIKI) at George Washington University as well as a visiting professor at Bangkok University. His passing in 2020 left the KM community with a very large experiance gap that Dr. Calabrese held for many year. I was fortuniate enough to take a couple fo his classes while attending Bangkok University and captured his lesson plans and other documents (to include his thesis) and saved them in my personal knowledge repository.

Dr. Franc Calabrese

This year I was able to share those documents by doing some voulnteer work for the Institute while going thorugh the Knowledge Management Global Network KM AI Course. This idea came to life when Dr. Arthur Murray was telling me his connection to both IIKI and Dr. Calavrese and his desire to do something in Dr. Calaverse’s honor. My initial thought was to share the knowledge and wisdom he imparted on my class years earlier by sharing the documents with others within the community. Dr. Murray and I decided to develop a Knowledge Preservation Library where his thoughts and articles that he was inspired by could live on imparting some of Dr. Calaverse’s wisdom to others. Access to this library is for those who have membership to IIKI but being able to help rekindle some of his thoughts on a variety of topics from AI to Science to Education.

Soon after word got out to a few of the other members of IIKI and they are starting to put in their repositories into the library as well. Dr. Alex Bennet and her husband Dr. David Bennet from Mountain Quest Institute has also contributed their works. This was a great experiance being able to bring life to a new generation of professional knowledge managers.

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